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Canadian Condominium Institute - Manitoba Chapter

Reztimate Training and Consulting had the opportunity to discuss the challenges property managers are facing when it comes to dealing with property emergencies. 

Dealing with these emergencies has become a focal point for many property management companies as they try  to solve the administration challenges that property emergencies cause property managers. 

The problem is not only financial in nature. Property emergencies impact people, living space, businesses and many times it means that property managers have to stop their regular duties to handle the emergency. Most emergencies are not short events. The emergency handling can take a week or more depending on the nature of the incident. The repair process can take even longer due to the fact that access to units can be limited, dealing with outside parties such as the insurance companies, property owners and other interested parties can slow the process. 

The property manager goes from regular scheduled day-to-day routine to dealing with a catastrophic loss. Stress, confusion on the proper handling of the event and misinformaiton can lead to the property manager becoming overwhelmed. 

We are here to help. 

Reztimate Training and Consulting can provide simplified training for property managers to help deal with the processes and challenges that are involved in the property emergenies. We train property managers on what resources are available to them, the industry training that will help them decide which contractor to use and provide the property manager with the tools to get the job done.

The first thing you need to focus on is that your emergency service provider is doing the job right. All too often we choose the contractor based on price. In an ever competitive market place price is something to be conscious of, however the lowest price in emergencies can be costing you more money and time in the long-run. 

"Contractors that have old technology, follow the same techniques they have followed for many years, is costing the property management industry millions of dollars a year. Simply put the old methods just do not work today!"

Kris Rzesnoski

The property manager needs the tools to be able to compare the total cost of a job versus the lower hourly rate and lower equipment rental rates that results in higher repair costs.

To learn more about how we can save your clients money and your property managers time, contact us

Xactimate Training

We specialize in providing both the insurance and restoration industry with training. By following the Xactimate Best Practices we are able to ensure that the rules of Xactimate are taught to both sides of the industry that leads to improved KPI's, improved comminications and reduced costs to both the insurance company and restoration contractor.


Consulting Services

Reztimate Training and Consulting has a proven track record of providing consulting services for both the restoration and insurance industries. We help our clients find ways to drive efficiencies through their claims process. This allows the organization to decrease duplication of processes and wasted field time.  

Certification Exams

Earning the designation of a Certified User Level provided by Xactware is becoming necessary in our competitive market place. Contractors, adjusters and auditors must have a certain degree of proficiency that has been tested and proven. Prove your capabilities by challenging one of the Xactimate Certification Exams. To learn more Click here 

Welcome To Reztimate Training and Consulting

We offer a variety of courses for both restoration companies and the insurance industry.

  • Xactimate 28 Fundamentals and Proficiency Training (Basic/Intermediate)
  • Xactimate 28 Advance Training (Mastery) 
  • Field Scoping Course
  • Auditor Reviewer Course

We instruct users to use the best practices of Xactimate that allow the user to apply the rules of Xactimate to any job or project they are working on. We reduce the training curve of training staff by making sure they have the tools and resources to perform in their roles.

Kris Rzesnoski

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