Xactimate Certification Exams

In today's competitive market place, restoration contactors and insurance companies are looking for qualified and properly trained Xactimate Users. Users who hold Xactimate Certificaitons provides verification of your skills and qualificaitons. 

An interesting statistic that will shock most of the industry is that of all the users who currently are using the program only approximately 8% of them have formal training. This means that 92% of the industry has either been self-taught or trained by other inexperienced users. Insurance companies are looking for ways to save money and this is one area that proficient users can help them save money by ensuring that scopes of work are properly written to prevent slippage.

This staggering statistic can help explain the problems that adjusters, contractors and auditors are experiencing in the industry. If users are trained to the same standards, with the same best practices, the result will be effective communications between insurers and contractors. 

Having a certification behind your name will help prove your knowledge base and build credibility in the industry.


Certification Exams 

Become a certified user and elevate yourself above the competition. 

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