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Meet Kris Rzesnoski

Kris entered the insurance industry in 2004 as a home inspector for CGI. He transferred to being an independent adjuster. With the help of the Senior Management team and the senior adjuster in the office, Kris learned the dedication, responsibility and role of the independent adjuster. 

Since 2007, Kris has worked on the restoration side of the industry and has been dedicated to teaching contractors how to communicate with adjusters. He has held positions of Regional Marketing Manager to District Manager. His management background includes managing restoration companies that have had sales of just over a million dollars in revenue to as large as over $16M in sales. 

Having observed the disconnect that was happening between restoration contractors and insurance carriers, Kris started Reztimate Training and Consulting in 2011 and has been working hard to train contractors on improving their systems and developing their relationship with insurers. 


We are proud to have been a major contributor to the Restoration Contractors of Canada Deloitte Study. Providing a non-bias and neutral take on the differences between the restoration and insurance industry usage and training. During this study it was evident that there was a major disconnect between the two sides and between the Xactimate program itself. Kris

Recently Kris has been working with some of the top Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC) trainers in the industry, top restoration contractors and the most progressive insurance companies. 

Kris has been a keynote speaker at several company conferences and has been invited to speak at some of the industries top events.

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