Prevent Overpaying For Jobs

Estimators face a challenge. Trying to determine the cost of a sub-trade's services while maintaining company margins. And staying profitable within the industry parameters.

The price list for your region may allow for a higher or lower margin based on the market conditions. For example; a fence built in Toronto charges out at $4500 with a cost of $2300. The same fence in Montreal charges out at $3500, but the cost is also $2300.

In Toronto the margin for this job is 49% and in Montreal the margin is 34%.

By knowing your job costs you can adjust the charge out to achieve optimal margin.

If you do not calculate your costs with accuracy, you will never know your true profit potential.

Here's our solution

Xactimate generates the estimate. You can use that information to understand your labor, material and equipment costs. This organizes the information and creates a report. In a matter of minutes you will have your trade work order values ready to go.

How it works

You generate your estimate in Xactimate, then you copy the data to the app. In the app you can adjust the figures for your specific situation. This generates a profitability report and a work order value report for you to save or send.


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