Xactimate Training

We offer some of the most dynamic training programs in the industry. By training staff on how to properly use Xactimate from fundamental skills to a mastery skill set we are able to set the foundation for more advanced userability.

Our clients support that our training programs are the most impactful Xactimate training that they have been able to provide their staff. When compared to other training in the industry, we consistently deliver training to gain the most production from your staff. 

We offer the following courses:

Having worked with some of the most progressive insurance providers and advanced restoration contractors, we can attribute their success to consistent systems and commitment to training their staff the skills required to do the job.

Many of Canada's insurance companies are looking at how to get away from third party auditors who do not share the corporate goals, customer service and contractor relationships. While there will always be a place in the industry for a competent third party service, the majority of companies fail to invest in their staffs capabilities.


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